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everywhere adv : to or in any or all places; "You find fast food stores everywhere"; "people everywhere are becoming aware of the problem"; "he carried a gun everywhere he went"; "looked all over for a suitable gift"; (`everyplace' is used informally for `everywhere') [syn: everyplace, all over]

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  1. at all places; in all directions



at all places

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all over, all over hell, all round, all-present, always, and everywhere, around, at large, cosmically, diffusely, dispersedly, every which way, everywhence, everywheres, everywhither, far, far and wide, from every quarter, from everywhere, galactically, globally, here, here and there, high and low, in all creation, in all directions, in all places, in all quarters, in every clime, in every instance, in every place, in every quarter, in places, in spots, infinite, inside and out, internationally, invariably, never otherwise, omnipresent, on every side, passim, round about, sparsely, sparsim, sporadically, the world over, there, throughout, throughout the world, ubiquitous, under the sun, universally, upstairs and downstairs, where, wherever you look, without exception
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